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Moving State Answers & Questions

How to choose a moving company?

Identification of a quality moving company requires some research. You will have to avoid being tricked by the unethical movers. To select a reliable moving company in your area, we would like to suggest the following tips: • Get referrals from local people • Verify the registration and credentials • Make sure the mover is licensed • Verify the mover’s address • Read past reviews of the company • Identify the availability of Insurance • Ask for the estimate • Do not pay large deposits • Ask for a contact number This will take some time, but, it will save you from lots of hassle.

How will I get an estimate for the interstate shipment?

You must have an understanding of the estimate of moving your items to evaluate the overall cost that would be incurred for moving. An estimate for the shipment is based on a number of factors which include the weight of items, the number of items, transportation distance, etc. The movers may also ask for additional charges for packing, valuation, extra labor, etc. For the calculation of estimation, a United Agent may visit your home for a visual survey of the items you are planning to move. Based on the above-listed factors, the agent would give you an estimate of the cost that would be incurred to move your items to the destination.

What is the best time to move my item?

The best time to move your item is when you get competitive deals and lower rates for moving your items. As per the past researches, the best time to move your items is in the winter season as the moving companies have flexible schedules during this period. This will allow you to avail handsome discounts and competitive rates in this period. You can consult the same with your local movers to identify the best season in which you can move your items. We also suggest you consider your local factors like your convenience and the scheduling of the items to be moved.

What does a Binding estimate mean?

A binding estimate means that you pay a fixed transportation price as the cost to move your items will not exceed the agreed amount. Binding estimate act as a legal agreement between the two parties for an interstate move. In accordance with the agreement, you are required to pay a fixed transportation price even if the weight of your items is more or less than estimated. The benefit of the binding estimate is the presence of transparency in pricing. You will have to pay a price that is agreed at the initial stage of the move. This avoids the last moment hassle.

What does a non-binding estimate mean?

A non-binding estimate gives you a projected cost of the move. Unlike a binding estimate, it is not a contracted or guaranteed price of moving the items. This is a rough estimate given to you by the company. However, if the actual services cost you less than the estimated amount then you would have to pay less. And, If the actual services cost you more than the estimated amount then you would have to pay more than the discussed price. If you are not sure about the actual services then we would recommend you to opt for a non-binding estimate as your final moving bill can potentially be less than the actual estimated amount.

Which one to choose between binding and non-binding estimate?

Both binding and non-binding estimate is useful in their own perspectives. The selection between the two depends on the situation and preference of customers. At one end, binding estimate gives you complete peace of mind with respect to the fluctuation in pricing of the move. On the other hand, a non-binding estimate allows you to save on the price if the actual service cost you less than the estimated amount. In case you are completely sure of the weight of your items and the actual services that would be required then you can opt for a binding estimate, otherwise, a non-binding estimate may prove better for you.

ABC Moving Systems Company has been in business since 1993.  Over two decades. Thanks to word-of-mouth and life-long fans, we’ve grown to move 8,000+ clients every year. We consistently earn five-star reviews, A+ ratings from the BBB and more awards for service than any other moving company ever. How? We don’t overcharge. We customize your move, because there’s really no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Our main goal is providing a Personal Moving Plan that meets the needs of all of its customers. We recognize that each household move is different, and we strive to provide a variety of moving resources geared to offer a more personalized moving experience. Fully licensed and insured relocation company licensed to provide moving and storage services within the United States and around the globe. We employ a full line of well-maintained trucks and tractor-trailers, backed by round-the-clock roadside assistance.

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Geneva, IL | Movers In My Area | Moving FAQ

July 16, 2019

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ABC Moving Systems is a company that was built from with in the community. We understand the stress and difficulty involved in  moving and relocating that's why we are tentative to our customers needs and we are getting a high percentage of returning customers! We will handle your belongings with the most caring and trustworthy care as if it were our own family property!

"These guys worked hard and made sure everything goes where it should and did it all with a smile.
It was a refreshing experience for me!"


Jonathan Raush


Geneva, IL | Movers In My Area | Moving FAQ

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