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In 2017, Palatine, IL had a population of 69.1k people with a median age of 37.7 and a median household income of $76,633. Between 2016 and 2017 the population of Palatine, IL grew from 69,098 to 69,099, a 0.00145% increase and its median household income grew from $75,066 to $76,633, a 2.09% increase. The population of Palatine, IL is 64% White Alone, 20.4% Hispanic or Latino, and 11.1% Asian Alone. 36% of the people in Palatine, IL speak a non-English language, and 84.9% are U.S. citizens. The largest universities in Palatine, IL are William Rainey Harper College (3,456 degrees awarded in 2016). The median property value in Palatine, IL is $270,000, and the homeownership rate is 68.7%. Most people in Palatine, IL commute by Drove Alone, and the average commute time is 27.5 minutes. The average car ownership in Palatine, IL is 2 cars per household.

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The economy of Palatine, IL employs 37.9k people. The largest industries in Palatine, IL are Retail Trade (4,874 people), Manufacturing (4,827 people), and Health Care & Social Assistance (3,890 people), and the highest paying industries are Utilities ($95,114), Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services ($78,684), and Management of Companies & Enterprises ($72,228). Median household income in Palatine, IL is $76,633. Males in Palatine, IL have an average income that is 1.37 times higher than the average income of females, which is $52,403. The income inequality in Palatine, IL (measured using the Gini index) is 0.483, which is higher than than the national average.

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The median property value in Palatine, IL was $270,000 in 2017, which is 1.24 times larger than the national average of $217,600. Between 2016 and 2017 the median property value increased from $265,800 to $270,000, a 1.58% increase. The homeownership rate in Palatine, IL is 68.7%, which is higher than the national average of 63.9%. People in Palatine, IL have an average commute time of 27.5 minutes, and they commute by Drove Alone. Car ownership in Palatine, IL is approximately the same as the national average, with an average of 2 cars per household.

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Maybe you prefer to have a moving company help you out, but I've always found that my moves go faster without one. If you're taking the DIY approach, you're obviously going to need a truck. UHaul tends to be the commonly recognized brand for local moves, but you should be sure to look at your options. There are a few things you're going to want to consider when renting a truck: Your mileage may vary from move to move, so figure out approximately how far you'll be driving and how much you pay per mile. All truck rental companies will charge you around $1 per mile, but some include a certain number of miles in the rental price. If you're not going too far, you may save some money by going with a cheaper rental rate that charges for every mile you drive. If you're going a longer distance, you may find that included miles and a pricier rental rate will actually save you money. Additionally, if you're moving between cities and there are rental locations in both, you may be able to pick up the truck in one city and drop it off in the other. This will prevent accruing additional miles and the nuisance of driving back just to drop off the truck.

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